Meet The Team​

Coaches and Sailing Club Support Staff

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Nige Oswald

Varsity Coach

Nige’s crisp British accent tells you he’s serious. His sweet tooth undermines that a bit. Nige has been sailing for many decades and also runs the Sailing Foundation.
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Ryan Ericson

JV Coach

Ryan’s love of nautical terminology is matched only by his love of construction terminology. Ryan has been sailing for decades and is on the Sailing Foundation’s board of directors. 
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Emily Houck

Learn to Sail Coach

Emily teaches the novices the many meanings of the word “bow.” She also teaches sailing for Island Rec in the summer and has many years of experience teaching sailing.
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Christian Falls

Roaming Coach

Christian is an alumnus member of the high school sailing team and he steps in wherever he’s needed. He’s usually demonstrating excellent sailing technique on a Laser.
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Susan West

Bossy One

Susan handles the administrative work, including registration, waivers, and payments. She sends colorful emails. She can be identified at practice by her deft handling of a clipboard.
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The Rissers

On-shore Support

Peter and Susan Risser know where all the parts are. They know all the sailing stories. They are known for their ability to fit multiple sheep into their hatchback. It’s a sight to behold.

Board of Directors

Nige Oswald, President and Co-Treasurer
Mary Blevins, Co-Treasurer
Susan Risser, Secretary

At-large directors:
Jayna Ericson
Ryan Ericson
Peter Risser
Susan West

Interested in joining the board? Please contact us at:

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