Board of Trustees
1.1 Vacancies 1
1.2 Meetings

1.3 Committees

1.4 Records 2

2.1 Dues

2.2 Card 3
2.3 Clubs 3
2.4 Youth Membership in San Juan Island Yacht Club 3
Financial Matters

3.1 Bank Signature Cards

3.2 Budget 4
3.3 Park & Rec Charter Fee 4
3.4 Transportation assistance 4
3.5 Food & supplies for Sailing Team 4
3.6 Regatta Fees 4
3.7 Certification and recertification scholarships 4
3.8.1 Donations – use of name 4
Insurance 4 5

5.1 U.S. Sailing

5.2 Classes by Park & Rec 6
5.3 Class Schedules 6
5.6 Recreational Sailing 6
5.6.1 Eligibility 6
5.6.2 Rating 6
5.6.3 Boats 6
5.6.4 Responsible Person 6
5.6.5 Safety 6
5.6.6 Exceptions 7
6.1 Required qualifications
6.1.1 Sailing Instructor 8
6.1.2 Junior Instructor
6.1.3 Teacher’s Assistant 8
6.2 Conduct 8
6.2.1 Smoking 8
6.2.2 Profanity 8
6.3 Orientation 8




7.1 U. S. Sailing Association 7.2 Life Jackets

7.3 Whistles

7,4 Float Test


8.1 Acquisitions

8.2 Charter

8.4 Maintenance

Memorial Funds

10.1 Committee and assumptions 10.2 Fund name and function 10.2 Structure of the fund

10.3 Purposes of the fund and eligibility 10.4 Award Categories

10.4.1 Graham Milne Award

  1. Criteria
  2. Award
  3. Nominating Committee 10.4.2 Special Consideration Award



Bylaws: 1.1 Purpose: The purpose of the San Juan Sailing Foundation is to advance sailing within the jurisdiction of San Juan Island and it ‘s immediate vicinity.


Foundation Objectives:

1. To provide equipment, logistics and staff support for sailing classes in cooperation with Island Park & Rec.

2. To provide support as necessary and possible for the High School Sailing Team and Youth Sailing.

  1. To provide support for community sailing.
  2. To provide opportunities for scholarships.



BYLAWS 2.1 Number The business and property of the Chapter shall be managed by a Board of Trustees. The board should normally consist of not less than 9 or more than 12 individuals. 2.3 Term of Office The Trustees of this Chapter shall be elected for three (3) years, one third of whom shall expire at the end of each year. A Trustee may be re-elected for successive terms without limitation. 2.10 Duties: The Trustees shall conduct the business of the Foundation in accordance with the Articles of Incorporation, Bylaws, goals, policies by acting personally, delegating, hiring, contracting or any other means which accomplishes the purposes of the Foundation. 2.4 Nominating Committee. The Nominating Committee shall be Trustees.


1.1 Vacancies occurring on the Board of Trustees will be filled from the membership or from the community. A board member shall sponsor a Foundation member or a community member. A sponsor will contact the prospective board member, discuss the duties and responsibilities with the candidate, provide the candidate with a copy of the Bylaws and Policies of the board and invite the candidate to visit three board meetings. After three meetings, the sponsor will then discuss the proposed membership with the candidate and with the board and, if all parties are in agreement, invite the candidate to be a board member. The candidate shall be elected at the next board meeting. A community member who accepts a position on the board must become a Chapter member.


BYLAWS – 2.5 Meetings. The Trustees shall hold the Annual Meeting in the fourth quarter of the calendar year for the purpose of electing officers and Adopting a budget for the coming year. Regular meetings at least quarterly for the conduct of business that comes before the Trustees. Special meetings may be called from time to time as needed


1.2 Meetings shall be monthly unless the President stipulates otherwise. Committee Chairs should advise the President or Presider if they have a committee report 10 days before the meeting. Board members will receive an agenda before each meeting.

1.3 Committees

BYLA WS 2.9 Delegation to Committees: The Chapter Trustees may appoint such committee chairs as necessary to accomplish the purpose of the San Juan Sailing Foundation. A Trustee will be a member of each committee. The committees shall have and exercise the authority of the Trustees to the extent provided in such resolution and subject to any limitations imposed by law. The Trustees may dissolve any committee established by themselves.


1.4 Records Officers and committee chairs shall be responsible for the archival records they generate. Any records over two years old shall be put into a central archive.


Bylaws 4. 1 Membership Membership in the San Juan Sailing Foundation will be conferred upon payment of dues, as prescribed in a current schedule renewable annually. 4.2 Meetings Members are encouraged to attend any monthly or annual meeting of the Board of Trustees. Agenda Items should be conveyed to the President at least one week prior to the meeting.


2.1 Dues The annual membership year shall be from January 1″ through December 31″. (Changed May 15, 2001) Dues are:

Youth under 18 $5

One adult $25

Family including grand children. $35

Contributing $50

Sustaining $100 & up


2.2 Card Membership will include a membership card.


2.3 Members of clubs sponsored by the San Juan Sailing Foundation shall be Foundation members.



Bylaws 2.8 Financial. The Fiscal Year shall be the calendar year. The Chapter shall approve an annual budget.

3.1. The President and Treasurer sign on bank signature cards. Only one signature is required to withdraw funds.

Bylaws 1.5 Budget. All opertions of this Chapter shall be conducted in accordance with an annual budget approved by the Chapter Board of Trustees. 3.4 Treasurer maintain the duly adopted budget and render periodic financial reports.

3.2. A budget for the coming fiscal year will be approved before the next fiscal year. Variation of the expenditure budget greater than ten percent shall be approved by a two thirds majority of the Trustees.

3.3 The San Juan Island Park and Recreation District will remit a flat boat charter fee which will be reviewed annually in October.

3.4 Persons assisting in transportation to and from events shall be compensated for direct costs.

3.5 The sailing team coach shall purchase food (pizza) and supplies for the team and guests at the coach’s discretion (within budget).

3.6 Regattas – A $100 damage deposit will be required from competing clubs when a district meet is hosted and a $100 deposit will be authorized for payment to the Sailing Foundation when meets are attended.

3.7 Certification – A scholarship for one half of the tuition for the U. S. Sailing small boat level training shall be offered to each qualified persons wishing to take the course and teach in Island Rec classes.. (Adopted March 27, 2001) (Ammended April 1, 2003) Recertification is recommended. Credit for one third (1/3) of the cost of recertification shall be awarded for each year an instructor teaches. (Adopted May 15, 2001)

3.8 Donations

3.8.1 The San Juan Sailing Foundation will not accept donations in exchange for the use of its name for commercial or advertising purposes.




4.1 Insurance shall be maintained covering hull and machinery, protection and indemnity, marine general liability, racing liability, boat rental/chartering, hired/non-owned auto liability and trustee liability.


5.1 Membership will be considered annually in U.S. Sailing, 15 Maritime Drive, Portsmouth, RI, 02871.

5.2 Classes Sailing classes shall be run by San Juan Island Parks and Recreation District. The San Juan Sailing Foundation will provide boats, recommend instructors and assist with program planning and advice.


5.3 Class schedules – The curriculum committee shall meet within a month of the end of classes to review the past year’s classes and meet again to prepare for the coming year’s classes.


5.6 Recreational Sailing

5.6.1 Eligibility – A person must be a member of The San Juan Island Sailing Foundation to participate in recreational sailing. Rating – Members will qualify for recreational boat use through classes or rating tests. Rating tests will be based on class challenge requirements with modifications as appropriate. Rating is attached to fleet and proficiency. Rating is to be shown on a membership card. Rules for how many people to each boat /rating type. Basic – El Toro – one person

Sloop – Laser 2 persons

Sloop – Advanced – Laser, Vanguard one or two person rating Cal 20 – 2 persons Float tests are required if they have not been demonstrated for class. An appointment must be made for float tests and a rating exam. Ratings will be issued by certified instructors. Instructors who have observed skills on the challenge list may rate without testing. At a special event such as Cascade Lake, a rated person can take an unrated person out. Boats – Three fleets are defined as El Toros, Sloops and Cal 20s. A log page will be established for each boat showing:

  1. Equipment with each boat and space to write in condition of equipment.
  2. Member checks equipment and notes condition and signs boat out
  3. Member signs boat back in and notes any damaged equipment.
  4. Member responsible for damaged equipment (last name in book). Responsible Person – There must be a responsible person present each time there is a recreational sailing event. Responsible persons must be: checked out as a motor boathandler and have a current CPR certificate. They will handle boat paper work, check membership cards and ratings, make decisions on cancellations due to weather. After classes, The Sailing Foundation rather than Island Rec will assume responsibility and

the lead instructor will be the responsible person. Safety – Zones of safety will be established for each fleet. At a sanctioned regatta, the

course and its immediate surroundings will be considered the zone of safety.


pi:2 Numbers of boats out at one time may be: Instructor + crew and one additional boat; Safety – Zones of safety will be established for each fleet At a sanctioned regatta, the course and its immediate surroundings will be considered the zone of safety. Numbers of boats out at one time may be: Instructor + crew and one additional boat; For more boats a safety boat must be deployed with the responsible person aboard; No more than four sloops may be out at one time. Exceptions – From time to time, circumstances and special events may occur for which the board must decide alternate procedures. Instructors and coaches are authorized to sign off on boy scout or girl scout merit badges on any skills they can verify from their own observation. It is up to scout and scout leaders to finish any other skills.


6.1 Required qualifications

6.1.1 Sailing Instructor Certification from U.S. Sailing or proven sailing and teaching experience with recommendation from the San Juan Sailing Foundation Board. Minimum age 18 years old. Current First Aid and CPR Certification. Prior Teaching Experience in sailing or other. Good communication skills with participants and parents. Principal duties are to organize and conduct classes, plan and implement daily lesson plans, explain and demonstrate the use of equipment, explain and demonstrate sailing principles, techniques and methods. Observe students, junior instructors and TAs and provide reinforcement and correction. Explain and enforce safety rules and procedures. Keep records of participants and other required record keeping. Prepare boats and other equipment for class. Assure safety of all equipment. Direct, illustrate and teach careful use of boats and facilities. Recertification is recommended. Credit for one third (1/3) of the cost of recertification shall be awarded for each year an instructor teaches while certified. (Recertification

policy May 15, 2001)


6.1.2 Junior Instructor – Minimum age 15 years old. Current first aid and CPR certification. Sailing instructor certification preferred but not required. Minimum 30 hours experience as a Teacher’s Assistant in Island Rees sailing program or equivalent. Successfud completion of advance sailing class or one season participation in High School Sailing Club. Recommendation from current or previous sailing instructor.

Principal Duties – Works under the direction of the Sailing Instructor. Explains and demonstrates use of equipment. Explains and demonstrates sailing principles, techniques and methods. Provides instruction and feedback to students. Prepares boats and other equipment for class and assures safety of all equipment. Explains and enforces safety and maintenance rules and procedures.


6.1.3 Teacher’s assistant (TA) Minimum age 12 years old. Successful completion of sloop sailing class. Recommendation from current or previous sailing instructor. Current First aid & CPR certification preferred. Must be able to demonstrate knot tying.

Principal Duties – Works under the direction of the Sailing Instructor. Prepares boats and other equipment for class and assures safety of all equipment.


6.2 Conduct The use of alcohol and/or controlled substances during any course of training shall be considered as cause for suspension andVor dismissal.

6.2.1 There will be no smoking by instructors or students.

6.2.2 Instructors shall not engage in the use of profanity or any language or verbiage that would reasonably construed as sexist, racist, off-color, vulgar, or otherwise inappropriate to their status as a professional sailing instructor. They shall also not tolerate such language in their students or in their courses.


6.3 Orientation The board will convey information to Island Rec which will be passed on to instructors at Instructor Orientation. At least one member of the board will attend instructors orientation.


Safety is the highest priority of the Foundation. The Trustees will review the safety policies of other like organizations periodically. Policies shall include but not be restricted to: 7.1 Instructors shall follow the United States Sailing Association safety rules at all times.


7.2 Instructors and students shall wear life jackets (PFDs) USCG Approved Type 3 at all times on boats, on the docks, and in the area near the training site.


7.3 Students will bring whistles with their life jackets to classes.


7.4 All students and club members must pass a float test before commencing their first class. Student float tests will be witnessed by the instructor teaching the class for which the student has signed up. Float test definition = student or club member must keep afloat without flotation in water for 10 minutes. The student then will be passed a life jacket which is to be put on in the pool. The student will be tested in full clothing except shoes. San Juan Island Recreation shall provide first aid kits, cell phones and program safety gear. (# of students – open – deal with it later)



8.1 Acquisitions

Donation: Donated boats may be accepted for two reasons:

  1. The boat fits with the existing program and future purchase goals.
  2. The boat does not fit with the program and goals but the donor is willing to donate it for sale and use of the cash toward program goals.

A boat donor may name the boat and/or put a club burgee on the transom. Names and burgees must conform to US. Sailing’s racing rules of sailing for amateur sailing.


8.2 Charter


8.3 Recreational Sailing

Use of boats for recreational purposes shall be for members only.


Memorial Funds are unsolicited donations in memory of an individual community member.


10.1 Committee and assumptions: Roger de Roos shall be chair of the aware nominating committee and shall name community members as appropriate to serve on the nominating committee.


10.2 Fund name and function: The fund name will be the San Juan Sailing Foundation Memorial Fund. All past and future funds will be in a single fund (bank account?). However, separate budget accounts will be maintained for donations specifically contributed to an established objective (i.e. Graham Milne Award) or donations that are requested by the donor to be used for a specific purpose(s). Donors will be sent an acknowledgment letter that states that the donation was received and placed in the memorial Fund, and an information page that summarizes the purposes of the Fund. The family/next of kin will be informed that a donation was received “in memory of but will not be informed of the amount donated.


10.2 Structure of the Fund: The fund capital is to be invested in an appropriate conservative financial instrument: certificate of deposit, money market fund, or the equity market. The capital will be retained and the accrued interest will be used for awards and award-related expenses. Awards and expenses may not exceed the annual or accumulated earnings. No funds may be used for Sailing Foundation operational expenses included, but not limited to, administrative expenses, contract salaries, advertising, boat repairs, and regattas unless explicitly directed to such uses by the donor. If not otherwise specified by the donor, funds may be used for capital expenses including, but not limited to, the purchase of boats, sails and motors.


10.3 Purposes of the fund and eligibility: The purposes of the fund are to make awards that recognize a significant achievement and/or contribution to sailing, or that fulfill a sailing-related financial need, of a class student, a class instructor, a member of the High School Sailing Team, a participant in any other activity and/or project sponsored by the sailing Foundation, or a member of the community. The recipient is not required to be a member of the Sailing Foundation.


10.4 Award Categories:

10.4.1 Graham Milne Award

An award to be given in the memory of Graham Milne in recognition of his exceptional contributions to the San Juan Island Sailing Foundation, both as a member of the Board of Trustees and as a class instructor, and of his substantial contributions to the broader community as a vocal and energetic advocate and promoter of sailing in the San Juan Islands. The costs associated with the award are to be drawn from the Graham Milne fund maintained within the Sailing Foundation Memorial Fund.


The specific purpose of the Graham Milne Award is to recognize an exceptional achievement or an exceptional contribution that furthers the purposes and objectives of the Sailing Foundation. Current members of the Sailing Foundation Board of Trustees, the Memorial Funds Committee and

the Nominating Committee are excluded from receiving a Graham Milne Award.

1. Criteria

  1. Exceptional achievement beyond the mastery of stated class objectives, exceptional skill at current training level, exceptional progressive skill development, exceptional contributions to the development of the skills of others, exceptional achievement in exceeding handicap limitations, exceptional sportsmanship, cooperation, dedication, and discipline.
  2. Exceptional contribution to the fulfillment of the purposes and objectives of the Sailing Foundation.

2. Award

  1. A perpetual trophy with a perpetual plaque inscribed with the words “Graham Mile Award”, the person’s name, the year and a brief descriptive phrase “Exceptional Achievement in. . .”, or “Exceptional Contribution to.. .” . The trophy and plaque to be retained and prominently displayed by the Sailing Foundation.
  2. Inscribed plaque to be given to the recipient and to include the same information: award name, recipient name, date, and “Exceptional Achievement inn . . .” or “Exceptional Contribution to . . .”.
  3. No funds are to be included with this award
  4. Award to be made only if there is a deserving individual. There is no obligation to make an annual award.

3. Nominating Committee

  1. The recommendation of a candidate for the Graham Mile Memorial Award is to be made by a Nominating Committee whose members are not members of the Sailing Foundation Board of Trustees and whose chair be a board member and elected by the board. The nominating committee shall be made up of no less than 3 and no more than 5 people. Deliberations are independent of the Board of Trustees.
  2. Class instructors are to be informed of the availability of the award prior to the start of summer classes or, in the instances of the High School Sailing Team and the Youth Sailing Program, prior to the start of the seasons.
  3. Instructors are to be interviewed individually and/or collectively to solicit recommendations at the end of the classes or seasons by the members of the Nominating Committee.
  4. The Nominating Committee may also consider additional recommendations and/or information that are based upon reliable, first-hand information.
  5. The Nominating Committee will present their recommendation and the supporting documentation to the Board of Trustees at a regular meeting of the Board. The Board will be responsible for the acceptance or rejection of the recommendation. The Board may request additional supporting information without prejudice to the candidate.
  6. The Graham Mile Award recipient is to be publicized through information provided in the Sailing Foundation Newsletter, and provided to by the Sailing Club, and the local newspapers.

10.4.2 Special Consideration Award

The purpose of the Special Consideration Award is to provide funds to defray sailing-related expenses of a student or an instructor. Examples include instructor training or financial aid to an instructor or a student to attend a regatta. The award is to be made from unrestricted Sailing Foundation Memorial Funds.


1. A written request that includes the purpose(s) and amount of monies desired to be submitted to the Memorial Funds Committee

2.. The Memorial Funds Committee is to make a recommendation to the Board of Trustees. The decision to make the award will reside with the Board.


Absent additional directions from the Board, the Committee did not address other potential uses of the Memorial Funds. The Committee recommends that the purposes and procedures of this report, if adopted, be reviewed after one year.

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