How We Are Funded

San Juan Island Sailing Foundation is a registered non-profit and maintained entirely by a volunteer board and community volunteer workers, with the exception of our part-time team coach position who provides coaching at greatly reduced costs out of a passion to help our young sailors.

Our funding comes from membership fees paid by relatives and friends of the team and by generous community supporters who make tax-deductible donations throughout the year. Additionally, we sell company name space on the sides of our sailing boats. Volunteers do boat repairs, build floating docks, and trailer boats in and out of storage. We typically have an annual fund raiser which brings in further donations. Our sailing team kids play an active roll in our fund raising activities and we typically have a team member serving on our board. Over the years donors have provided sailboats, inflatable safety/chase boats used during team sailor training and regattas, boat trailers, outboard motors and even larger sailing boats which we typically fix up and sell.

Over our 25+ year history numerous, truly generous individuals and families have provided us funding.  Some wishing to remain anonymous while still having a profound affect on achieving our goals.  Local entities like the San Juan Island Community Foundation and Valmark, Inc have also provided us greatly appreciated funding to purchase sailboats and support of our youth sailing operations.

Without these benevolent donors and hard working volunteers we could not fulfill our mission of providing opportunities for young and old to develop a lifelong love of sailing.

If you would like to help, please get in touch! Donation payments can be made here on our website using our Making A Donation page.


San Juan Island Sailing Foundation Board

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